Component 9

This ninth horizontal Component is coordinated by the Project Facilitation Unit within the Environmental Protection and Water Department of MESP and is implemented in close cooperation with all Beneficiary Institutions with the following expected outputs and related activities.

1. Provision of timely, coordinated, relevant and quality inputs of staff and other resources.

The related tasks are:

  • Participation in setting up of all structures for implementation as specified in Section 6 of the Programme Document.
  • Recruitment and management of a competent and versatile Administrative Assistant.
  • Supporting the implementation of all Programme components and provision of Programme Services as specified in the Programme Document, including:
  • Exercising the role of Secretary in the Programme Steering Committee.
  • Coordination of the inputs of all TA Consultant experts internally and with the inputs of counterpart staff.
  • Addressing the programme coherence and linkage issues.
  • Ensuring that core overarching and crosscutting perspectives are considered in detailed component planning and implementation. This will include perspectives of participation, rights, gender and resilience to environmental and climate change.
  • Provision of programme level professional services for mainstreaming of participation, gender and resilience, and procurement of goods and services.
  • Provision of administrative, monitoring and reporting services to the programme and its components.
  • Management of the Programme accounts.
  • Management of the process of appointing individual short-term experts based on demand from Programme components.
  • Preparation of a procurement plan in the Inception Phase, to be updated annually
  • Proposal of changes to the results framework to the Steering Committee.
  • Development of an Exit Strategy Together with MESP counterparts based on capacity development taking place under Programme.

2. Implementation of Gender and Equality Policies.

The related tasks are:

  • Finalisation and implementation of the Gender Action Plan
  • Preparation and Implementation of Resilience Action Plan
  • Organisation of 2 stakeholder workshops, one in the initial phase and one in the final phase of the component.
  • Organisation of public awareness and media campaigns.

3. Preparation and Delivering of Administrative Documents and Progress Reports.

The related tasks are:

  • Collection of Monthly Reports and related invoices / receipts and finalisation of the 3-monthly invoices and accountancy reports
  • Preparation and delivering of Progress Reports

4. Organisation and Implementation of the Steering Committee Meetings


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