Main Deliverables

Following the signature (17.11.2016) of the Specific Agreement between MESP and EoS, a list of 416 deliverables to be produced during the project implementation period with the assistance of the FSP experts was identified. Of these 416 deliverables, 105 are Technical Documents and Reports, 69 are Progress Reports/Plans/Documents, 91 are Administrative Documents and 151 are documents for the implementation of key meetings and training activities (workshops, study tours, conferences and seminars). The process for the approval and publication of such deliverables is complex and therefore, in case some documents should not have been published yet in the website and you should need them urgently, please contact the Programme Team Leader (Mr. Giuseppe Razza) and the KEP Coordinator (Mr. Muhamet Malsiu) in order to check if a draft copy could be received in advance before the completion of the quality check and consultation process for its final publication. Please note that some of the expected deliverables are chapters of more comprehensive and completed reports. All workshops and training materials will be published at the end of the Programme in a single report entitled “KEP Training Programme”, which will also include the overall evaluations made directly by the trainees.

The list of expected deliverables is following shown: