Fadil Bajraktari
Director of the Kosovo Nature Protection Institute (KNPI)--KEPA/MESP

He was born on 20th November 1972 in the village of Kishnarekë, Municipality of Drenas. He finished the Primary School and the High School “Skenderbeu” in his hometown, Drenas. He completed his studies in 1995, and the Master studies in 2010 on “Natural Resources and Environment” at the Department of Geography of FMNS within the University of Pristina. He worked as a teacher of geography in the “Bajram Curri” Elementary School in the village of Nekovc, Municipality of Drenas (1995/1998). Since 2002, he has worked as professional associate for geography at the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, and since 2013 worked as director of the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, operating within the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency. He is the author of several scientific articles published on national and international journals and participated in numerous conferences, workshops, trainings and study visits to the EU countries. He is also the coordinator of the Component 2 “Inventory of Biodiversity through the Red Book of Fauna” of the Kosovo Environmental Programme.