An extraordinary exchange of experience between Swedish and Kosovan institutions

An extraordinary exchange of experience between Swedish and Kosovan institutions

The sixth study tour of the KEP was implemented in Sweden between 22-27 September 2019 within the Component 5. It was aiming to:

  • Analyse and study the processes related to the preparation, implementation and follow-up of environmental legislation and related regulations, at national, regional and municipal level;
  • See the best practices of cooperation between central and local level for the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation and for the solution of environmental problems, considering also the role of civil society organisations;
  • Exchange the experiences and best practices on permit procedures, public debates and inspections

During the meeting with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the cooperation policies for the environmental, gender and equality aspects were discussed and the possibility of a continuation of the positive experience of the KEP was analysed.

Particularly interesting was the visit to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) not only to better understand the related activities, but to analyse together how the main environmental problems were addressed through a specific legal and organisational framework. The visit was also extremely important to further improved the coordination between these institutions and the ongoing additional assistance provided by SEPA to KEPA.

The local and regional governments were also visited, representing important institutions in the democratic system of Sweden and providing a significant proportion of all public services.

And finally, a visit in the Swedish Parliament was also implemented to better understand the process for the approval of the relevant environmental and climate change laws.