A study tour was implemented to exchange the best practices on law enforcement

A study tour was implemented to exchange the best practices on law enforcement

The fifth study tour of the KEP, the first related to the Component 5, was implemented in Italy during a wonderful Spring time. It was aiming to:

  • Analyse and study the processes related to the preparation, implementation and follow-up of environmental legislation and related regulations, at national, regional and municipal level;
  • See the best practices of cooperation between central and local level for the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation and for the solution of environmental problems, considering also the role of civil society organisations;
  • Check the possibility to establish a cooperation with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea Protection in the environmental and climate change sectors
  • Exchange the experiences and best practices on environmental management

Before visiting the Italian institutions, a workshop was organised with the former General Director and Minister of Environment, Land and Sea Protection of Italy, Mr. Corrado Clini. During the workshop, the organisation, roles and competences of the different department, divisions, institutes of the Ministry and of the related national and local organisations dealing with environmental protection responsibilities was explained and discussed, aiming to identify in advance the main topics and arguments of common interest to be discussed and developed during the following days.

Particularly interesting was the visit to the Climate, Biodiversity, Land and Water Department of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) where the Director of Climate and Environment Division, Mr. Alexander Jones, and his collaborator, Ms. Federica Matteoli.

The Study Tour was concluded with the meeting with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea Protection accompanied by the Director of the Waste and Pollution Department, the Director of the Department for the Sustainable Development and relations with the European Union and International Organisations and the Director of the Superior Institute for the Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), i.e. the highest officials of such Italian institution. Together with the discussion about the best practices implemented in the Kosovan and Italian institutions, the meeting was extremely useful to strengthen the collaboration in the view of future possible common initiatives.