Component 1

This first component of the KEP is coordinated and implemented by the State of Environment Directorate (SED) of the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) with the following expected outputs and related activities.

1. Development of Core set of

indicators (CSI) and other environmental indicators.

The related tasks are:

Carrying out an institutional/organisational assessment and capacity gap analysis of KEPA.
Provision of recommendations on how to address deficiencies and gaps in order to improve KEPA’s capacity for monitoring and reporting on environmental indicators. In case the institutional assessment such recommendations include additional recruitments, the facilitation of means of supporting recruitment of women, as part of the general support provided by the Participation and Gender Expert (PGE) in cooperation with the MESP Gender Focal Point.
Draft a list of core indicators through a participatory process involving staff of KEPA, other contributing institutions and users of environmental data, which consider national requirements as well as those of EEA/EIONET, including climate change impact indicators.
Development of a proposal for an appropriate and efficient mechanism for data generation and reporting through a participatory process involving national counterparts.
Organisation of around 5 training sessions to strengthen staff capacity to calculate the selected environmental indicators

2. Establishment of Web reporting and Environmental Information System (EIS).

The related tasks are:

Carrying out an assessment of the need of establishing a web-based platform for reporting.
Procurement and configuration of the necessary IT equipment, required hardware and software applications to establish an environmental information system.
Development of sector-specific databases and reporting that matches KEPA needs for monitoring, processing and reporting.
3. Training of KEPA staffs

(more able) to monitor, assess and report.

The related tasks are:

Definition and carrying out 10 workshops/seminars and training sessions covering identified priority themes related to monitoring, assessment and reporting on environmental indicators.
Plan and organise two study visits on the theme of environmental monitoring and reporting to other European countries for staff and parliamentarians.”

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