Component 2

This second Component of the KEP is coordinated and implemented by the Kosovo Nature Protection Institute (KNPI) within the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) with the following expected outputs and related activities:

1. Provision to the key

environment management Institutions (MESP, MAFRD, UP, Municipalities) with measurable and assessable tools on biodiversity protection and conservation.

The related tasks are:

Preparation of a background document for a workshop related to the finalisation of the Red Book of Animal Species.
Planning, carrying out and dissemination of the results of the workshop among the participants.
Preparation of a baseline report and database on the conservation status and distribution of animal species in Kosovo based on existing literature.
Verification of the baseline data and collection of other relevant information through field inventory.
Preparation of a methodology for classification regarding status of animals based on regional and global conservation standards.
Provision of guidelines for continuous updating and improvement of the database.
Facilitation of a participatory planning and analysis activities for staff responsible for data generation and statistics related to biodiversity monitoring and conservation.
Facilitation of a participatory planning with planning and implementing agencies on inclusion of Red Data Book of Animal Species data on biodiversity and environment strategies.
Preparation and publication of a first version of the Red Data Book of Animal Species in Kosovo.

2. Training of staff from nature monitoring Institutions

(MESP, MAFRD, UP, Municipalities) on monitoring and conservation techniques for animal groups.

The related tasks are:

Carrying out on-the-job training for staff of MESP, MAFRD, University of Pristina and municipalities on monitoring of freshwater ecosystems, large carnivores and terrestrial ecosystems.
Preparation of standard methodologies and identification of monitoring guidelines and manuals for animal species.
Provision of basic logistic facilities for monitoring of animal species.
Provision of training on legal perspectives on monitoring, preservation and conservation of animal species.
Synchronisation and organisation of exchange of the collective research knowledge and expertise in biodiversity conservation available within partnership institutions (Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, Directorate of Sharri National Park, Directorate of Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park, University of Prishtina, Museum of Kosovo – Nature Section).