Students of the University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti” visited the Court

A group of first-year students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti”, headed by the professor of this university, Prof. Dr. Kadri Kryeziu, visited the Constitutional Court.

The students were welcomed by the President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Gresa Caka – Nimani and the Judge of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Safet Hoxha.

After welcoming them, President Caka-Nimani informed the future lawyers of the function of the Constitutional Court in relation to other powers in the country and of the important role it has played over the years in establishing and protecting the constitutional order foundations. She further spoke about the Court’s decision-making process and the constant reference made in each of its decisions to the case law of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

President Caka-Nimani finally urged the students to engage as much as possible in their university studies and the acquisition of professional knowledge, in order to develop and advance the country’s legal structure vis-à-vis future challenges.

In his introduction to the UPZ students, Judge Safet Hoxha made a brief elaboration of the Constitutional Court structure and composition, the process of submitting referrals and their treatment until the judges’ decision-making.