Component 4

This fourth Component of the KEP is coordinated and implemented by the Kosovo Hydro-Meteorological Institute (KHMI) within the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) with the following expected outputs and related activities.

1. Groundwater monitoring points (wells) are refurbished.

The related tasks are:

  • Assessment of the needs for refurbishment of existing wells.
  • Preparation of a design for refurbishment of designated wells for monitoring purposes.
  • Procurement of a construction company for refurbishment of designated wells.
  • Supervision and control of the implementation of refurbishment/ construction works: concrete/masonry works, power supply and electrical installation works and other mechanical installation works

2. Real-time data on groundwater status is transmitted to KHMI HQ.

The related tasks are:

  • Procurement and supervision of the supply, delivery and installation of level sensors and water quality sensors in 40 wells (20 refurbished and 20 drilled under Programme component 6).
  • Procurement and supervision of the supply, delivery and installation of communication/ data transfer technologies (GPRS technology).
  • Procurement of the supply and delivery of portable water quality equipment: conductometer, pH-meter, dissolved oxygen meter, turbidimeter, photometer, incl. reagents for testing chlorides, nitrites, nitrates and phosphates.
  • Organize 4 training sessions (theoretical and practical sessions) to enhance the knowledge of beneficiary staff
  • Organisation of an additional 11 workshops, trainings and seminars, topics to be decided in co-ordination with MESP
  • Production of manuals for operation and maintenance of equipment and handed over to beneficiaries.
  • Preparation and provision of checklists with clearly indicated schedules (including costing, and financing plan) for maintenance and servicing of equipment.

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