Anja Nordlund
International Short Term Expert on Gender policies in water sector

She is a gender equality and equal opportunity expert. She is a level 1 gender expert to Sida and TL for a gender help desk support to Sida. She has worked with gender since 2002, and has been stationed abroad in this capacity. Anja has worked with environment and natural resource management from a social and gender perspective for more than 10 years, including providing support to water supply, waste water treatment, forestry, solid waste, hazardous waste, intergrated Water Resource Management, River Basin Management, transboundary water management and energy, ranging from support to projects, national strategies, policies and laws. She has worked in the Balkans since 2007 (including Kosovo, BiH, Albania, Serbia and Macedonia). Anja typically works with ministries and agencies in Sida’s countries of cooperation, WB, EBRD and international NGOs.